December 28, 2018

Angelica’s Service

For the month of November, we had Angelica from Spain who volunteered with us at FFLV. She provided her assistance primarily in the office and helped us greatly in a lot of creative things like video making and photography. She had a great time in Vrindavan and shared her experience with us: “ It was a very nice experience and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the office. I was impressed by the work done and the effort put into the project by everyone working here. Nikunja, Paridhi, Paul… Everybody I met at the office have been very helpful and lovely! It has also been a lovely experience to see the girls enjoying so much In school. They all are beautiful souls and I really wish them the best in their future”. We were happy to have Angelica with us and hope that she comes again next year.    
December 28, 2018

Janaki Mehta’s Kathak Class

In the month of December, we had the pleasure of having Janaki Mehta visit our school. She is a professional Kathak Dancer and has been a long time friend and supporter of FFLV. This year she sponsored widow’s feast, Gulab Jamuns and even donated woollen shawls to over 250 local children and street women during the evening Khichdi distribution at Food for Life.  Janaki also performed a beautiful dance during the morning assembly for our girls. She furthermore, gave dance classes to Mansi, our ex-student and now a Kathak Dance Teacher here at SMS. Mansi is very grateful to Janaki and is all set to teach her new dance to the other girls. We thank Janaki for her service. She has a big heart and we are proud of her. She is truly a source of inspiration for all our girls.
December 6, 2018

Parent-Teachers meet at FFLV

We recently organised a parent-teachers meet at the FFLV Schools and invited the parents of our school girls hoping to involve them more into their daughters’ education. The meeting was held to discuss about the students progress and performance at school. There was a discussion between the parents on their daughter’s specific strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects and their behaviour during class lessons. We can see that the perception of society towards girl education is changing with every passing year. Parents are starting to take the education of their girls more seriously now. This was evident with the increase in the number of attendees(parents) to these meetings each year. Parents expressed their happiness for having this opportunity to send their girls to school and to see the care taken by FFLV or the growth of their girls.