July 10, 2018

Empowered Girls Empower Girls

Meet Anuradha : a jovial personality with a sense of active social responsibility.  She graduated from Sandipani Muni School almost three years ago now and nearly ready to graduate from College. She is now employed and is working part time as a teacher at the FFLV school project. Anuradha is the same girl who revolted against her father trying to marry her young. Watch Video   She has remained connected to SMS and her teachers all the while, to the extent that she has started giving the younger students lessons in ethics and morality five days a week.   On a daily basis she also gives English lessons at home in the afternoons to almost 50 students who come from unprivileged families and from a nearby village: she does not take remuneration from these students as she feels it’s her way to contribute to the development of local society and practice what […]
June 8, 2018

Aanya’s Clothing Drive

Sharing a beautiful story of our hero- Aanya, a 15 year old from Omaha, USA. Last month she organised a clothing drive at her school to help the girls of Sandipani Muni School who don’t have proper clothes. The clothing drive was a success and she received a very positive and a heart warming response from her friends. We distributed the clothes donated by her to our kids here and they were overjoyed to receive them. Dear Aanya, we want to tell you that we are so proud to know you. You are such an inspiration to other girls and also our school girls here at Sandipani Muni School. We will be sharing this inspiring story of your endeavour to help others with our school students. Thank you very much for your service and we hope to meet you one day.
June 8, 2018

Jamuna’s Cloth Donation

Jamuna, a yoga practitioner and an amazing clothing designer recently donated over a hundred meter of cloth to FFLV. The cloth was beautiful with really nice prints. Some of it was utilised in making costumes for the girls who attend dance classes here at SMS. The costumes were made here at the FFLV Sewing Centre.  The remaining cloth will be utilised also for the girls clothing. Sharing with you a couple of the photographs of the costumes that were made out of the donation. We thank Jamuna for her services. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook:- Jamuna Sheth. Her website www.jamunalaluna.com is coming soon.