November 13, 2017

Doll making workshop by Sita

Making dolls is a fun and easy way to express our creativity and it is a great activity for young children, older kids, and adults alike. One can indeed revisit their childhood memories when they least expect it. This month we had Sita visit our school again this year. She conducted a Doll Making Workshop for our school girls from the age of 7 to 14 years. She taught the girls how to make the body of the doll and the hair out of woollen threads. The girls also learned how they could use old fabrics to make beautiful dresses for their dolls. It was a fun session and the girls were overjoyed. Now they have their very own handmade dolls. We thank Sita for her act of love & kindness and the heart she put into this workshop to bring happiness to these young girls. Thank you for your […]
November 3, 2017

Dance of Empowerment

On 25th October, 2017 FFLV had its annual festival- Kartik Utsav 2017. The Sandipani Muni School children performed dances and displayed their martial arts skills and Yoga. We had a huge audience who awaited this festival and they were as excited as the children were. A lot of kids got the opportunity to show their talent which boosted their self-confidence. Our main focus however is always to use this as an opportunity to spread awareness about empowerment of women through dances and plays.  Here are the links to the videos of the performances: The Spirit of Durga Anti Dowry Campaign Dance of Liberation
November 2, 2017

Disease Control Session by Dabur Ltd

Health education is essential for the control of diseases ensuring that the community members understand the mechanisms of infection and the key behaviours or activities that need to be addressed, to prevent transmission, reduce severe diseases and avoid fatalities. On 11th October, 2017, Society for Community Improvement, an NGO, under Dabur Ltd conducted a disease awareness session for Sandipani Muni School Girls. The foundation also distributed mosquito bite prevention kits to the school children.  The session included the ways to prevent and the precautions one can take against diseases like malaria, dengue and chicken guniya etc. Doctor Arpita Khan from Agra addressed the session. Few of the things, the girls reported to have learned from the session are: – Sleeping under a net can prevent Mosquito bites. One should avoid playing in dark places where mosquitoes might be present. Source reduction activities including controlling discarded water containers such as tires, cans, […]