September 28, 2017

Jared’s Volunteer Service

For the month of September, we had an amazing volunteer, Jared, from California. Jared is a public speaker by profession. In 3 weeks of service, he showed great enthusiasm in giving Public Speaking classes to our girls at FFLV. He also taught the girls some lessons on Personality Development. The girls learned conversational skills, the importance of communicating effectively while giving public speeches and some important techniques while communicating: – Pause, Posture, eye-contact, use of space, etc. These classes are now helping them in their day-to-day lives. While here Jared made full use of his time and also gave classes to the ex students, teachers and staff of FFLV.  He shared his experience with us- “Well, not by any surprise -the girls stole my heart from day one.  You show up to this school with almost 1,500 4-17 year olds in navy blue uniforms, perfectly braided hair and a smile […]
September 11, 2017

Kiran’s Vrindavan Experience

Kiran, who was a student at Food for Life Vrindavan was adopted by a Spanish Couple when she was 7. Years later, she visited her birth place and shared her experience with us: “As soon as I arrived at the New Delhi airport, I was anxious if anyone at Food for Life would recognise me, how things would go, and if everything would be the same as before. As soon as I came out of the airport, it was so hot. There was a lot of hustle and bustle on the street. Somehow, I got a feeling that I was on the same land where I was born. At that very moment, a car stopped right in front of me. They were here. They were here to take me to my old school- Food for Life Vrindavan. They welcomed me warmly, I felt at home. They told me that I […]
August 26, 2017

You are Invited!

  Muskan is the youngest of seven sisters in a family that has seen more than its share of struggles. Jayati, the oldest sister, left school in 6th grade, and the parents and other five sisters have never had an opportunity to be educated at all. The father works in construction and the mother as a house cleaner, and the father’s abuse of alcohol has led him to mistreat and neglect his wife and children. Muskan and her oldest sister Jayati are living an hour away from the rest of their family in a rented room so Muskan has a chance to complete her education and break her family’s cycle of poverty for good. This is a lot of responsibility for a 6-year-old girl, so Bhakti Yoga DC (BYDC) is sharing the burden, taking on Muskan’s tuition fees for as long as she stays in school. Come join us and […]