March 29, 2020

Why no prasadam?

Our evening food distribution program – Khichri Seva (a combination of rice, lentils, and veg stew) has been temporarily suspended due to Government regulations in view of the current Corona Virus crisis:  since the last 30 years, we have been able to feed hundreds of poor kids of Vrindavan and their families every day without fail. Different meals are also being served on special occasions like on Ekadasi we serve out fruits, etc and other typical Indian meals like puri, sabzi, sweets, etc during donor’s birthdays, weddings and special days in memory of deceased relatives.This photo was taken on the 23rd of March 2020, which was our last serving day and currently we have no idea when we will be able to restart, as a complete lockdown has been ordered by the Central government until the 14th of April 2020 in the whole country. As humans, it’s both a responsibility and a […]
March 3, 2020

Sports meet for junior students

Practicing sports is one of the best ways to develop children’s motor skills and physical development. For students, practicing and performing well in sports activities is equally important as academic studies. Keeping this view in mind, FFLV has recently convened a Sports Meet for the students of the primary classes at Sandipani Muni School. Students from Kindergarten to class 5th zealously participated in the 100-meter race and several fun races such as the Balloon race, Ball throw race, Frog race, Spoon race, etc. Furthermore, a Badminton session was organized for older kids to practice and play with friends, staff members, Principal Mrs. Rashmi Mishra and our honored guests from Peter Burwash International: President Rene Zondag, renowned Tennis Coach Katie Dellich and PBI Magazine Photographer, Ineke Zondag, who is also FFLV USA President. We express our thanks to our guests for joining and praising the performance of our students by awarding prizes. The students had a great time, and […]
February 13, 2020

Bhakti Fest Kirtan Festival

FFLV, in association with Bhakti Fest, organized the second edition of the Annual Kirtan Festival at Sandipani Muni School, which took place on Saturday the 1st of February. Kirtan is a great way to express devotion by practicing sacred music, dancing, and chanting. Many of our students and devotees from different places joined the event and enthusiastically participated by dancing and singing. The evening began with individual and group performances of devotional songs and various dances presented by the SMS students. Subsequently, Sridhar, a talented musician, and teacher performed Kirtan with his associate from Munger Raj Mandir, Vrindavan. We then had the honor to welcome world-famous kirtan artists Sita Devi and KIRTANIYAS, featuring Vijay Krishna and Rasika Devi, as well as other guest artists who presented Kirtan and created a spiritual ambiance with their amazing performances. We would like to express our deep thanks to Sridhar Silberfein (Executive Producer of […]