Farewells and Welcoming

The yearly appointment with the end of term exams always decrees new beginnings: for those students who have reached the 12th grade standard it’s a farewell to their Alma Mater while for those who have passed their 8th grade exams it’s a progression from SMS to SMIC(Secondary to Intercollege) for an extra 4 terms prior to completion of their studies. It’s a time to celebrate collectively personal achievements and to express gratitude towards those teachers who have made the journey possible. The ceremonies, better known as “Farewell parties” are organized by the students themselves in the form of a party where dancing, singing, games and eulogies take place, with class teachers and school principals in attendance, who towards the end of the ceremony award a token of appreciation to each and every student. FFLV,proud of the students achievements, wishes good luck to all the 8th and 12th graders in the hope that,past their university studies,some of them will join Sandipani Muni School as teachers or general staff.