Lisa’s Period Project

In the month of April, we had the pleasure of having Lisa with her friend Kiersten visit our school from the USA. She is an actress and volunteer at FFLV. She believes every girl deserves an education, yet millions of girls around the world miss school during their periods because they can’t afford pads.

She teamed up with Days for Girls, an organization that provides a safe, beautiful, washable, and long-lasting alternative reusable pad, along with teaching vital health education to girls. She taught the students about feminine hygiene, helping them understand their bodies as they go through puberty with confidence and distributed around 700 kits to all the FFLV females(which include students, teachers, and maids).
She started with a  #gofundme page to raise money to collect all 705 kits and bring them all the way to Vrindavan. The girls were so happy, confident and grateful to them for the love and support they got from them. We appreciate their efforts and would like to thank them, Charlotte, Marie, Days for Girls and all the donors, volunteers and supporters of this wonderful project.