June 6, 2017

Strategy Planning Workshop by InFocus

On the 31st Mar and 1st April 2017, a two day workshop was organized by Dr Damian Hatton, the Managing Director of InFocus. The purpose of the workshop was to develop a plan to address the following focus question: “What should FFLV do over the course of the next 5 years to motivate and nurture a staff team. who can support & sustain the anticipated growth of the charity, to benefit even more children across Vrindavan?” Over the course of two days, Mr Hatton facilitated a brainstorming session with the FFLV management to answer this question. The workshop was very productive and gave us all clarity of vision for the next five years. We were able to gauge our goals and the hurdles that stopped us from achieving them. We thank inFocus for their worskhop has greatly benefited FFLV and we look forward to implementing the discussed strategies. About Dr […]
March 18, 2017

Sridhar & Rebecca Visit FFLV

Recently, We had the pleasure of receiving at FFLV a visit from Sridhar & Rebecca accompanied by some yoga students. They arrived at the morning kirtan and had a great time with the children dancing and singing. They then distributed 200 beautiful woolen scarfs to the girls that were lovingly hand made by Rebecca’s grandmother. The girls were overjoyed to receive them and were so grateful for the gift. Sridhar have been visiting FFLV for many years along with the yoga students and have always supported FFLV. He is the founder of Bhakti Fest, which is a premier yoga, sacred music, and personal growth festival in the United States. Since 2009, for six days each September, they feature the best Yoga Teachers, Kirtan Musicians, and Workshop Leaders in the world. To know more visit : http://bhaktifest.com/ Through their activities they raise funds that goes to their chosen causes and help them give support to those less fortunate […]
March 7, 2017

Shivani’s Transformation

Dear Friends, Sponsors are the lifeline behind the running of FFLV. We really appreciate their support. However, it is delightful for us to hear words of encouragement. Our long time friend and supporter Henry T Dom took time to write down his beautiful experience when he recently visited us, and here we are sharing it with you all. “More than two years ago I met Shivani, a young and vulnerable school girl who could hardly speak a word of English. She was shy, made sporadic eye contact, with little confidence. It was obvious that she came from a troubled background where Shivani had to bear domestic responsibilities not common to girls of her age. She touched me on a deeper level which so often defy language. I decided to sponsor her education and whatever else comes with that. In February this year I returned to the school as one of […]