February 10, 2017

Human Chain By FFLV Girls

Dear Friends, While the whole of Uttar Pradesh is preparing for UP elections 2017, our girls of Sandipani Muni School formed a human chain from Mathura to Vrindavan along with the students of other school. It was an attempt to raise awareness about the importance of casting a vote. It is seen that in many areas in UP the voting percentage is quite low, therefore, it is essential that people understand how important each vote is and how much difference each vote makes. The event was coordinated by the school principals and experienced FFLV staff headed by Partha Sarathi.
February 8, 2017

Creative Teaching by Mani Manjari

“If a child cant learn the way we teach, may be we should teach the way they learn” : Ignacio Estrada It is very important to be creative and know different methods of teaching when in a class, more so when teaching the little ones. Recently we had a wonderful person and volunteer, Mani Manjari, visit us and she delivered classes to our teachers on how to teach more creatively. Among other things, her primary focus was to deliver a workshop on “Learning through Creative play”; that refers to play as an essential resource for teaching the curriculum in the Early Year classes (Nursery and Prep). Three different modals of teaching through play were introduced: 1. Art and Design: where children are encourage to use marks, picture drawings, paintings, and constructions to create their personal responses to what they had viewed and experienced though the teaching. 2. Music, Movement and Dance: where children are giving opportunities to […]
February 2, 2017

Words of Wisdom By Kamlesh Patel

Time is all we have in Life. It is the essence of our Life. Without it we dont have anything. In a small seminar given to our girls on Tuesday, Mr Kamlesh told them about the importance of Time. He compared time to money and introduced them to a revolutionary idea of using time as money.  One may ask how, turns out that Kamlesh ji has been successfully practicing this money less system in his cafe in Gujrat, where people can get a coffee or snack in return of their service. This makes people realize the importance of their time and encourages them to do free service for others. The girls really liked the idea and plan to use it in their lives too.