Shar Moore’s visit at FFLV

On 15th April 2019, we had the honor of having Shar Moore, a renowned Keynote Speaker, Multi-International Award-Winning Mentor, member of Women Economic Forum, New Delhi Author and CEO/Founder of YMag Magazine with her husband, Russ Moore(Director, YMag) and a group of friends of her from Australia. We organized a press conference conducted by a group of journalists from different newspapers in which she expressed her views on Women Empowerment, Girl Education and Gender Equality. She also had a discussion with a group of 40 girls from Sandipani Muni school, taught them to believe in yourself and made them aware about the importance of education, about their rights and encouraged them to stand up for themselves and work hard to achieve their goals.

She also expressed her pride to be a part of FFLV.The girls were so grateful for her advice and appreciated the way she taught them:We hope to have Shar visiting us again soon.