About Us Old

Food for Life Vrindavan is dedicated to serving the poorest of the poor residents of Vrindavan since 1990 – particularly girls and women. 
Our work includes free meal distribution, providing water wells for villages which have no access to drinking water, Care for cows, Medical camps, Environment projects, Cleaning and Planting trees, a Paper Recycling factory, an Organic farm, Sewing and Embroidery Centre (providing employment opportunity for village women), and a Charitable hospital providing free or near free care to village families. Most prominently, however, FFLV provides free education for over 1,500 girls who could not otherwise attend school.

The founder of Food for Life Vrindavan (FFLV), Pietro Paolinelli, was born in Italy in 1954. As a young man, he became the disciple of an Indian guru who gave him the name Rupa Raghunath Dasa. ‘Rupa’, as he is called by his friends, dedicated his life to the service of the children of Vrindavan, and inspired others to donate their money and time for this noble cause.

Rupa Raghunath Dasa had the vision, skills and persistency to develop FFLV from a food distribution program into an organisation that seeks long-lasting solutions and effectively helps to improve all areas of life in Vrindavan. Now as the international coordinator of a large organisation, he spends time travelling overseas, raising awareness about the work of FFLV and establishing relationships with businesses and individuals interested in supporting the children of Vrindavan.


The Sponsorship Department:

The second pillar of FFLV is Nikunja Mataji, who joined in 1999 and established the Sponsorship Program in the year 2002. She has been working tirelessly for many years as a volunteer to educate the girls of Vrindavan. Nikunja is the president of Cibo Per La Vita and does fundraising for FFLV in Italy.



Sponsorship Team

She is also the head of the sponsorship department that oversees communication between the sponsors and the kids and updates about the progress of their sponsored child. 





The Office Administration:

The Office staff is headed by Mr Neeraj Saigal who is the Vice President of the organization. He has been working with FFLV since 2001. He is a very hard working individual, hardly taking any offs and working beyond his office hours. His dedication to the cause is a source of inspiration for the other members of the team.


The School Administration:
FFLV has 3 schools running and its administration is headed by Mr Rajendra Singh who is the Principal of the Senior Secondary School. Rajendra has been working with the school for the past 12 years. He is highly qualified academically, and very efficiently oversees the running of the schools. Apart from this Mr Seemant Sharma looks after the junior school, while Mr Sunil looks after the KN School(Kiki Nangla). Their entire team is really dedicated and oversees the proper running of the schools.