Awareness, Education & Pompoms!

Awareness, Education & Pompoms!

Dear Friends,

It really encourages & inspires us when someone goes an extra mile to help FFLV girls. We recently had Lizzy Medynskyj (Creator of Above the Canopy), visit FFLV. When she went back she decided to organize a Pompom Making Workshop to spread awareness about girl education and to raise funds. The workshop raised $250 AUD which she donated towards FFLV girls. We are really grateful for that Lizzy!

The drive behind her efforts was her experience here at FFLV. She shared her heart with us in her writing below:

My name is Lizzy. I’m an artist and knitted jewellery designer and creator from Sydney, Australia. I was inspired to visit India by my yoga teacher and friend, Keith Kempis who was about to lead a pilgrimage. It was billed as an ‘exploration of India’s creative heart’. With Seema Johari as our guide, we visited Vrindavan and the Hare Krishna temple, the Goshala and Nidhivan; places all now very close to my own heart. But the absolute highlight of this trip was our visit to Sandipani Muni Girls School.

Knowing a little bit of the history of the students and the school, I was thrilled to meet these bright, vibrant and happy girls and was instantly taken by their smiles. I’m grateful to have been given a tour of the school and to have had the opportunity to broaden my definition of education: not only are the girls taught how to read and write, they are taught arts as diverse as classical Indian dance, drumming and embroidery, all dependant on their interests. The aim of the school is to break the cycle of poverty these girls would otherwise be trapped in, had the gift of education not been offered. I realised how much we take education for granted back home and vowed I would do something with my own talents to serve these girls.

At Keith’s studio, BIJA, I held a Pompom Wall Piece workshop for charity. On this day I shared my experiences of visiting the school and how the girls inspired me with their love for life. Pompom creation is like Japa meditation: the repetition elevates you into a higher state of awareness and makes you appreciate the life you lead. We watched the original documentary featuring Rupa that first inspired me to visit Sandipani Muni and the workshop participants left feeling buoyed by their creative efforts and the knowledge that they have raised an amount significant enough to uplift the lives of these girls.” Here is a link to the blog: Above the Canopy SMS Blog.