January 25, 2018

NYGF Revelation

Dark dingy classroom, no light, an occasionally working fan, worn out mats to sit on and countless kids of all ages in there. These depression holes are the classrooms of a government school in Vrindavan. I learnt this only today. Despite being around for 8 years at FFLV, this was the first time I actually decided to go into the field and cover the NYGF 2018 outside distribution. We arrived at our first school where the kids were sitting in the walk way of an old building, on tattered mats. Is this it?, I asked my colleague, “Yes, this is their classroom!” While the distribution was going on a boar from the nearby field entered the classroom and had to be chased away. NYGF is a happy festival, it does make the kids happy, however, the realities of where these kids come from cannot be just ignored. The second school […]