January 13, 2020

Georgetown University visited FFLV

On the 4th of January, we had the privilege to receive a visit from a few students and professors from Georgetown University which is a leading research university based in Washington DC, USA. Their visit started with a tour of our Sandipani Muni schools accompanied by our team members in order for them to understand more about the projects FFLV has been undergoing. Moreover, a seminar was conducted which was focused on environmental contamination and prejudices, specifically focusing on Yamuna river pollution where a few students and teachers from SMS, FFLV office staff and visitors from Georgetown university took part. A powerful presentation was delivered by our staff members about our beliefs, the degraded situation of the Yamuna river and initiatives performed by FFLV under the Clean Yamuna project and other initiatives taken to clean and protect the natural environment of Vrindavan. An interactive group discussion also took place among […]
January 10, 2020

Over 300 blankets distributed….

At this time of extreme winter in Vrindavan, it’s a blessing for the underprivileged children to receive a blanket knitted with love and compassion. This initiative was called Knitathon 2018-2019 in which the world’s largest blanket of 3949 square meters was knitted with the help of a huge team of over 400 volunteers from 26 different nationalities living in UAE. The blanket was comprised of over 3200 smaller blankets with a hand-written heart placed on each to symbolize the warmth of love. These blankets were then distributed to poor children worldwide, proving that small efforts can make a massive impact. More than 300 blankets were donated and distributed to the girls at Sandipani Muni School, girls who have a single parent or whose parents earning is almost next to nothing. The gifts were received with lots of appreciation from families who cannot afford any winter clothes. We are grateful to […]
November 23, 2019

Costa Rica Challenge 2019-Updates

Hello! We are sharing a few pictures of our heroes braving the jungles of Costa Rica during the initial 2 days of the Challenge. In the first two days, they have completed their initial journey of about 30 kilometers. Please keep supporting our courageous heroes, share your love and make your valuable contribution towards this wonderful Challenge by donating. Visit https://www.fflv.org/rupas-costa-rica-challenge/ to DONATE.   Seven days have gone by since the Costa Rica Challenge started and we are three days short to complete the task ahead. I would like to share Reshma’s experience, one of FFLV supporters who is also a trekker in this rather extreme challenge. “Costa Rica is a beautiful country with its vivid flora and fauna. The long grueling journey has seen untouched, rugged terrain with simple and basic infrastructure. The camping has been challenging, with very basic sleeping and hygiene facilities and no electricity in most […]