April 16, 2021

Farewell Party 2021

On 06th April 2021, the 11th-grade students of Sandipani Muni School, FFLV threw a farewell party for their 12th-grade seniors, who are about to complete their school journey. The celebration began with the 12th-grade students receiving a warm welcome through their juniors in a traditional way. Furthermore, the students also presented multiple dance performances, organized games, and dedicated self-written poetry to their seniors. Senior students of class XII made emotional yet humorous farewell speeches by expressing their long and deep association with the school and the classmates. They also gained a lot of praise and appreciation from junior students and staff members. Furthermore, students got blessings and best wishes from the Principal, teachers, and staff members. There was an atmosphere of dual emotion of happiness and sadness as students were completing their school life successfully and are also getting separated from the institution where they have grown academically, spiritually, and […]
April 10, 2021

Thank You For Supporting Village Classes

Because of the generous contributions from our worldwide donors, the students got the opportunity to learn and study throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The village classrooms have come to an end as the schools will be re-opened soon in April for Prep to 5th grades. We express our gratefulness to all the sponsors for supporting the students’ education in village classrooms. The classes were organised in 21 different locations with more than 850 students and 75 senior students as the teachers in total. Overall, it was a great experience for both the students and the student “teachers” as the senior students developed teaching and leadership skills, plus junior students have smoothly completed their academic studies.
March 13, 2021

Role Play on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

On the 7th of March, FFLV, in collaboration with Nirmal Initiative Trust, organized a program at Brahmin Seva Sangh Shivir, Vrindavan Kumbh Mela (grand festival for the largest congregation of religious pilgrims held every 12 years). The students of FFLV participated and performed a role play on the theme of the Importance of Social Sensitivity and Awareness on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. It was reflected that society has to come together and step up hand in hand to fight the problem. The former students of FFLV also shared their experiences of their hardships on the given theme as they faced social stigma where they were bewildered and dep ressed after the incidents. In many cases, their own families refused to understand their plight. Many dignitaries also expressed their views on, wherein quasi sophistry of a common consensus was quite visible that this problem does exist in the society irrespective […]