December 6, 2018

Parent-Teachers meet at FFLV

We recently organised a parent-teachers meet at the FFLV Schools and invited the parents of our school girls hoping to involve them more into their daughters’ education. The meeting was held to discuss about the students progress and performance at school. There was a discussion between the parents on their daughter’s specific strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects and their behaviour during class lessons. We can see that the perception of society towards girl education is changing with every passing year. Parents are starting to take the education of their girls more seriously now. This was evident with the increase in the number of attendees(parents) to these meetings each year. Parents expressed their happiness for having this opportunity to send their girls to school and to see the care taken by FFLV or the growth of their girls.    
December 5, 2018

Awareness Session on Cervical Cancer by Nayati

Last month, Nayati Hospital conducted an awareness session on Cervical Cancer at Sandipani Muni School. The girls from 7th till 12th grade along with their parents were invited to attend the session. Cervical Cancer occurs when the cells of the cervix grow abnormally and invade other tissues and organs of the body. When it is invasive, this cancer affects the deeper tissues of the cervix and could spread to other parts of the body. The Hospital also informed the girls about a new vaccine that has been introduced in many countries, which has also been listed by WHO as a prevention against the cancer. This type of vaccination is rather expensive although it has proved to be effective in 90% of cases. At the moment, the Hospital is also looking for sponsors who can support them to provide these vaccines to 150 children in the first lot. We thank the […]
December 5, 2018

Alumnae Meet 2018

On Sunday 18th November, 2018, FFLV had their alumnae meet at the Sandipani Muni School. Total of 141 Alumnae came together at their Alma Mater to attend the meet.  The meet began with a welcome ceremony which was followed by a group dance by the ex- students of FFLV displaying women empowerment. A lot of ex-students even spoke about their school time and how it has influenced their lives in different ways. Those, who are now mothers, expressed their desire of living the school life again. A special photo slide was made on this occasion, for a trip down the memory lane. It was truly an event filled with mixed emotions. We also took this opportunity to announce about “FFLV Alumnae” WhatsApp Group that will be formed by the school to keep in touch with the ex-students. Through this group, the girls can reach out to us incase of any urgent […]