July 28, 2018

Teaching Meditation at FFLV

“What an honor it was to have the sweet opportunity to spend time with the girls of Sandipani Muni. I may have been teaching meditation, however I am certain that the girls taught more more than I taught them. This experience allowed me to live out my dream of sharing my spiritual practice to help others connect with themselves more. Food for life granted me the opportunity to create a safe place for young girls to process their inner emotions. My mission working for these girls was to awaken their shakti. I provide ancient practices and techniques from their birthplace, in a sense reteaching them what they already knew. Some of the girls immediately dropped into their meditation and woke up with prophetic statements. One girl even said, “I felt like I was floating through space.” While another told me she dreamt that she was floating in an ocean as […]
July 11, 2018

FFLV UK Hosts ~SheMustCount Gala Dinner

Friday 29th June and an unusually sweltering evening in London, FFLV UK held a fundraising dinner in order to enroll more girls into our schools.The event was held at the prestigious Stockley Park Pavillion, and was a sell out success with many disappointed that they could not get tickets.   The evening was inspired by the ongoing campaign – #SheMustCount – which was launched by FFLV last year with a series of specially commissioned films highlighting the tremendous work of our charity .     In attendance was Bollywood superstar and Philanthropist Vivek Oberoi who extended his stay in London so he could fully support the event and UK Film & TV Actor Nitin Ganatra who took a break from Filming to attend. Both spoke highly of their personal support of the charity and urged the audience to pledge in becoming a sponsor. Nitin Ganatra made a very salient point when he stated that it is not just the women that need empowering but also the […]
July 11, 2018

Alicante Government of Spain supports 5 girls

The Provincial Council of Alicante donated 15,000 euros towards the sponsorship of 5 girls’ University education. The deputy of Family and Citizenship, Mercedes Alonso received the international coordinator of the Indian NGO FFLV-Dharma Foundation, Rupa Raghunath Das. FFLV obtained help from the Provincial Council of Alicante of 15,000 euros to contribute to the education of girls in India. After the meeting, which was also attended by the President of the Board of the Dharma Foundation in Spain, Luis Pulido, the deputy explained that the grant, collected from the budgets of this year, will be allocated, specifically, to the provision of five scholarships for girls in Vrindavan. “The economic and social inequalities are very large in India, directly affecting women since birth”, said Alonso, who emphasized that education is essential and necessary to stop this dynamic of poverty and inequality with the girls, which is transmitted from generation to generation.