June 8, 2018

Jamuna’s Cloth Donation

Jamuna, a yoga practitioner and an amazing clothing designer recently donated over a hundred meter of cloth to FFLV. The cloth was beautiful with really nice prints. Some of it was utilised in making costumes for the girls who attend dance classes here at SMS. The costumes were made here at the FFLV Sewing Centre.  The remaining cloth will be utilised also for the girls clothing. Sharing with you a couple of the photographs of the costumes that were made out of the donation. We thank Jamuna for her services. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook:- Jamuna Sheth. Her website www.jamunalaluna.com is coming soon.
June 8, 2018

Girls Enrol for Medical Course

Practitioners and policymakers have become increasingly aware in recent years that achieving good health and economic vitality in neighborhoods requires a close collaboration of a variety of sectors, including housing, education and social services. But collaboration does not occur in a vacuum; institutions often provide a crucial focus for collaboration and are active agents—or “hubs”—in the process. Recently, Nayati Healthcare Foundation has rolled out an ambitious plan for Academics in healthcare. They are already in process of starting DNB programs for doctors in certain specialities and super specialities and a diploma course for doctors in critical care medicine. They have collaborated with FFLV to provide 2 year diploma courses to our girls who have graduated. The girls will be trained in ex-ray and radiology , critical care management, operation theatre technology, Trauma care and casualty and as Lab-technicians.   So far 9 girls have enrolled for these courses. Completing this […]
May 7, 2018

91% pass result for Sandipani Muni School(FFLV)

The board results for 12th graders are out and 91% of our girls have passed.This means that out a total of 43 girls in grade 12, 39 girls passed the exam and can now go to university. Each year thousands of students appear for their board exams in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Our girls too prepare for these exams that determine a lot for them in terms of their career in the years to come.   We would also like to share with you the names of the girls who have scored outstandingly in their exams: Anchal Jha topped the school with 80.08% Followed by Sherin with 79.2% & Priya Sharma who scored 73%   A Word From the Topper  “ I never expected that I would score 80.08%. I was expecting that I might score 70 or maybe 75% but the result is beyond my imagination. I am […]