February 6, 2018

Scarf Distribution at FFLV

Rebecca and Sridhar (Executive Producer at Bhakti Fest) recently visited Food for Life Vrindavan. Like last year, this year also, they distributed hundreds of scarves to the students of Sandipani Muni School, FFLV. The scarves were lovingly knitted by the grandmother of Rebecca. The kids were overjoyed after receiving the scarves and caps. We thank them for their service. About Bhakti Fest: Bhakti Fest and Bhakti Ventures endeavors to create heart-centered connections. Through festivals, yatras, adventures, retreats and local events Bhakti Fest offers the best in yoga, sacred music, dance, workshops, and classes; all intended to inspire devotion. Bhakti Fest creates an opportunity to sit along side some of world’s master teachers, and sacred music artists in the conscious community. Watch Video Here
February 1, 2018

India estimates 21 million of its girls are ‘unwanted’

The desire among parents in India to have sons instead of daughters has created 21 million “unwanted” girls, a recent government report estimates. The report found many couples kept on having children until they had a boy. The authors also found that 63 million women were “missing” from India’s population because the preference for sons led to to sex-selective abortions and more care was given to boys.   Tests to determine a foetus’s sex are illegal in India, but they still take place and can lead to sex-selective abortions.   Some cultural reasons for son preference were listed, including: 1) Property passing on to sons, not daughters. 2) Families of girls having to pay dowries to see their daughters married. 3) Women moving to their husband’s house after getting married   It does not come as a surprise to us at FFLV who have been working at grassroots for the […]
January 31, 2018

Republic Day Celebrations!

On Friday, 26 January 2018 Sandipani Muni School celebrated the 69th Republic Day of India. The programme began with the hoisting of the National Flag by the school principals. This was followed by a prayer service and a cultural programme which included patriotic dances and songs. Speech was also given by students expressing their views about Republic day.   Here are some beautiful moments captured from the Republic day celebration!!