August 12, 2017

Kaushi’s Experience at FFLV

Kaushi Silva, an experienced educator, School Inspector and School Advisor in the UK recently visited FFLV after 7 years and shared what she experienced during her visit here. She found the atmosphere palpably different since her last visit. The structures and systems were in place in all three schools enabling a seamless working day for most students.  In all the classrooms, textbooks had been provided which would support continuity and progression in learning. Most students demonstrated a high level of confidence in their speaking skills – both in Hindi and English. They were able to talk confidently about the area of the curriculum that they were learning and, in some cases, were able to identify how the skills and knowledge learned would help them in their everyday life. They were also aware of the aims of the project and its focus on empowering girls to reach their potential. Kaushi even interacted […]
July 20, 2017

Circle of Joy

Dear Friends, We are happy to share with you that Nicole from Sydney hosted a charity night at her Yoga Studio to raise money for the Sandipani Muni girls school, with the help of Keith Kempis. They raised $420 Australian dollars on the night of the event. The event was called Circle of Joy held at Nicole’s local yoga studio : Body Awakenings. They began with a yoga practice followed by some beautiful Kirtan lead by the wonderful Keith Kempis. Thank you so much Nicole for organising this, and to Keith for constantly helping FFLV. We are so grateful for your efforts, it is going to help the girls of Vrindavan get an education.
July 15, 2017

Dharma Foundation & Juan Perán Foundation Sponsor 5 Girls to University!

Five girls will go to University thanks to the Dharma Foundation and the Juan Perán Foundation – Pikolinos.  FFLV’s “Send Her to University” program supports the 3 year University Course for girls that finish school each year. The program covers their cost of transportation, tuition, Uniform, Books & Examination Fees at college. After a girl has chosen what university course she would like to pursue, we assist her with the admission process and any other form of guidance they may need. It is essential to help them with this because these girls are from underprivileged families with no support or encouragement for them for higher studies. Due to the lack of supportive environment, many times the girls are hesitant in taking up higher education. We are really grateful to Dharma Foundation who have been a long time supporter of FFLV and have helped so many girls attend school. Also a […]