October 12, 2020

A braid for Life

Denise Baschirotto, a young Italian therapist, is deeply attracted to Indian philosophy and its culture. Having a great desire to help Indian women, she was inspired and share the idea to create a beautiful handmade: a bracelet/anklet made with pieces of used sarees cloth and a holy thread. Attached to it is a small bell calling attention to this project called “A Braid for Life”. These beautiful bracelets were made by FFLV girls during this period of lockdown and were sent to Italy by courier. For every donation that goes towards any FFLV projects in Italy, the donor will receive this special item which signifies meaning and hope. We appreciate the effort and support of Braid For Life for the emergency medical blog case and the Rations Distribution campaign at FFLV. If you wish to start a similar project in your country please write to connect@fflv.org. or WhatsApp to +91 […]
October 6, 2020

A new way of schooling

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the primary education of children since the Government shutdown and due to the implementation of safety measures, schools have not reopened. As an alternative, FFLV has come up with an idea of home schools for primary grade FFLV students, for whom online classes would have been too difficult if not impossible. Not only can we provide these students with the essential learning but also reconnect with them and know they are safe and well. Currently, FFLV home classes are running in 11 different locations at nearby villages, conducted by FFLV senior grade students playing a role as teachers and having an opportunity to develop their teaching skills and earning some money as well. We have more than 400 students from 1st to 5th grade and more than 35 “teachers”. Many more teaching locations will be organized in the coming weeks. Each teacher is being […]
September 12, 2020

Fundraising initiative by lil heroes

Food for Life Vrindavan UK (FFLV) was happy to see the efforts of Nimai and Viya Pandya of London during this summer to raise funds for our schools in Vrindavan. Here is a report that Nimai has written. I and my sister were making loom bands over the summer holidays.
We made so many that we thought, we could do a loom band sale for charity.
The charity we are giving it to is FFLV.
This is because we want to help children in India.
Helping people and especially children in need is important to us because when we go out on day trips to the city, we see homeless people and it makes us feel sad to see that they have nobody to help them. I know in India it is even worse as some children don’t have any shelter or food at all.

We have managed to raise £108 and It makes us […]