December 18, 2016

Rena visits school

A beautiful young lady Rena recently visited our school. She came only for a few days and wanted to volunteer with the kids. She had some really fun time with the tiny tots in the KG section teaching them yoga, singing songs and playing. She also gave out really cute gifts to the children. The overall visit experience was so pleasing for her that she decided to come back in March 2017 and organise a Yoga Retreat in Vrindavan. She will also inspire people to help the school by fundraising and inspiring others to sponsor the girl education. We look forward to the group visit next year.
December 5, 2016

Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls!!

Its raining dolls this year :)!! To much joy and excitement of our little girls, we had Svetlana visit our school again this year. She had made beautiful dolls which she distributed to the little girls from Kindergarten. The little ones were so happy. Svetlana makes dolls for UNICEF, she is from Paris and loves to bring dolls for our kids whenever she visits.  Last time Svetlana visited FFLV in 2014, that time also she made hand made dolls that she had made personally to distribute to our girls. We distributed them not only at school but also to the girls living in slums nearby. We are surprised daily by the acts of love and kindness that many of you show and the effort and heart you put into giving. This is one such example. Thank you Svetlana, you have a really beautiful heart!
December 5, 2016

The Joy of Giving Back

At Sandipani Muni School we are always trying to give the girls the best and helping them in ways they feel confident about themselves. We have been running an english reading program under the, support, guidance and inspiration of Urmila Mataji from USA. The head of the program Damini told us that for our English reading programme we have 120 kids aged 7-12 years. We are helping them enhance their English reading skills. Though this programme has been supported with volunteers from overseas but this year we didn’t get as many volunteers as expected and were in the fix as to what to do?, when we saw some of our older kids in the group started to help the younger ones. When asked if they would like to do this every day, their faces lit up and they said yes! These lovely dedicated, punctual and sincere girls has been helping since July of 2016 […]