December 5, 2016

Thank you Eddye

 This year we had a very interesting volunteer Eddye Lopez from Italy visit our school. He is a plumber by profession. Eddye is a very enthusiastic person who loved exploring the local sites. He along with our plumber Sanjay went around and fixed a lot of pipes in the building. The best thing about him was that though he could not speak or understand the local language he still knew his way out. Not only that Eddye would spend his evenings distributing Kichri at school to the poor families. He would make sure he was there every day. It was so wonderful to have him and his unique skill certainly helped the school a lot. Thank you Eddye for coming, we hope you come back again and we will remember you as an ever smiling volunteer 🙂
December 5, 2016

Tuk Tuk Challenge Impact

Dear Friends,  Thank you all for your wonderful support and participation in our recent Tuk Tuk Challenge. It was a great success and we are pleased to inform you that a total of 30,000 GPB was raised. This amount will be used towards the higher education of girls that finish their school, in particular for those girls who do not have a sponsor for their higher studies. This challenge has secured the future of so many girls and they can now confidently step into college. Without your encouragement and contribution, this was no where near possible. We really appreciate your help and to all the participants who were on road for 12 days to educate these girls, just one thing: Bravo!
November 24, 2016

Janaki’s Kartik Maas

Dear Friends, As you must already be aware, our friend and supporter Janaki Mehta had organized a beautiful Kathak Solo night on the auspicious occasion of the Full moon night of Kartik month. She told the story of the holiest month of Kartik through her Divine Dance. The dance performance was conceptualised, choreographed and performed by Janaki Mehta in aid of our charity Food for Life Vrindavan. The show was a great success and we are delighted to share with you that a total of 4800 pounds was raised. A certain part of this money will be used particularly towards the Kathak dance training of the school girls and the costs associated with it. The goal that Janaki had set was of £6000 which is not far off and any further donations are most welcome to help us reach our target. Those who couldn’t attend or wish to donate further to this worthy cause […]