September 7, 2020

Turning challenges into opportunities

For Sonia, a 17-year-old FFLV Sandipani Muni School student, living with difficulties has become an ordinary part of her life: however, no matter how hard these challenges have been, she has so far never been brought down by them. Since childhood, Sonia and her family have been facing extreme financial challenges. Her father sells small stuff for deities worship on the street with no fixed income: supporting a family of six members has been a rather impossible task. Sonia, being the eldest daughter in the family took a stand and decided to support her family by utilizing her skills and passion while taking her studies seriously. She says,” Not everyone received the chance I got, Thank you FFLV. I promise to do my best and give the best outcomes of whatever I have gained. “ Since the end of 11th grade, Sonia has been working part-time as a Beautician and […]
September 1, 2020

FFLV’S Corona warriors

FFLV’s initiative to distribute a large number of monthly rations to numerous families wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated team. We appreciate the efforts and cooperation of our ration distribution team: Field workers, bullock cart drivers, kitchen staff, and watchmen who have worked so hard every day by putting their own lives at risk. When everyone had to stay at home to be safe, they came forward with selfless determination in this challenging pandemic to serve the local community. They are our real heroes!
August 9, 2020

School Update

Despite all three SMS schools being closed and students not being allowed to attend the regular classes, the internal administration and office working in FFLV schools are ongoing. Throughout COVID19, staff members and teachers have been working tirelessly. The registration process of 8th-grade students who have been promoted to 9th grade in intercollege senior school has now been completed. For the students who have completed 10th grade, a stream selection test has been conducted which allows their choice of subject for 11th and 12th grade. As per the scores obtained, students are allotted subjects among Science, Commerce, and Humanities for their specialization. Secondly, as the families of our students can’t afford a smartphone, only around 30% of our students were able to attend the online classes. Due to this, the idea of it didn’t work and therefore they were temporarily suspended. To help our girls with their studies during these […]