Costa Rica Challenge 2019-Updates

Costa Rica Challenge 2019-Updates

Hello! We are sharing a few pictures of our heroes braving the jungles of Costa Rica during the initial 2 days of the Challenge. In the first two days, they have completed their initial journey of about 30 kilometers.

Please keep supporting our courageous heroes, share your love and make your valuable contribution towards this wonderful Challenge by donating.

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Seven days have gone by since the Costa Rica Challenge started and we are three days short to complete the task ahead. I would like to share Reshma’s experience, one of FFLV supporters who is also a trekker in this rather extreme challenge.

“Costa Rica is a beautiful country with its vivid flora and fauna. The long grueling journey has seen untouched, rugged terrain with simple and basic infrastructure. The camping has been challenging, with very basic sleeping and hygiene facilities and no electricity in most parts. There is constant dampness where nothing dries, no matter how long it’s left out! The only way to dry your wet clothes from the burst downpours is to wear them the next day and hope the sun comes out. Even then it’s not for more than a few mins in our case, as we tread on consistent up hills from 7 am, before we know it we are drenched again.
The trekking has been far more challenging than expected. We have covered elevations of several hundred meters each day, with changing terrain, unpredictable weather and a high level of humidity.

Despite all this, our spirits are soaring high because we have an important purpose. We think of our girls in Vrindavan, we think of all of you with your kind and generous support. What we are achieving together will change lives, will break the cycle of poverty. It will feed them not for a day but for a lifetime.”

Sharing some more pictures of the fundraising adventure!! Big thanks to all our supporters who came forward and contribute towards the Costa Rica Challenge. We desire to provide physical and sports skills for our FFLV girls in Vrindavan, India.

Every little contribution worths!!