Dental Camp: An experience

Dental Camp: An experience

Ms Deesha Ramji, a successful dentist from UK visited us recently and offered her services by organising a free dental check up for our school children. She wrote about her experience with us and we are sharing it with you all here:

Over the three days volunteering as a dentist, I must have seen over 500 children. I was very warmly welcomed every morning by your students and staff and really enjoyed participating in morning assemblies for Arti and Tulsi puja before class. I could see that the children were very enthusiastic and very organised because of the special guidance and dedication offered by the staff. 

The children were very eager to learn and responded very positively to any advice and questions when they had concerns. Towards the end of the morning, I found it very entertaining that Rupesh had fully grasped the diseases and their causes and proceeded to give advice to the children in Hindi according to the clinical findings I expressed to him at the examination. He is now a very good oral health educator for the children at the school.

On my last day I went to the school 5 km away where there are 350 children I managed to see most of them for check ups, advice and a list made of the those children who needed treatment. The children here were also very keen to learn. My translator, Hemlata mataji, was very good and was able to speak to the children about the causes of their problems as well as give them advice on how to avoid them. Mataji is a radio disc jockey so requested that she broadcast this information to a wider audience.

I hope you invite me back. Thank you so much again for this wonderful seva, it has been my very good fortune to have your association.