International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. The day is marked around the world with art performances, talks, rallies, networking events, conferences and marches – and is even being honoured with a plethora of interactive Google Doodles.


On this event, on 8th March, 2018, Sandipani Muni School organised a rally in which the senior students of the school, teachers, staff members and some of the FFLV volunteers took part. We also had some eminent authorities – Station Head Officer- Mr. Subodh Kumar, Anti- Romeo squad in charge- SI Manoj Kumar, Asst. In charge- SI Manveeri Singh, Secretary District Legal service authority – Mr. Sunil Singh, and Mediation court member- Ms. Pratibha Sharma, who marched with the girls and supported them in the cause.


The rally included street plays and dances by the students of SMS to create awareness for women’s rights. The girls were enthusiastic as they marched, and shouted slogans and made the public aware regarding the importance of women in the society.


This occasion also marked the beginning of our new Campaign #RespectAndProtect. We are proud to announce that soon we are going to begin the training for our ex-alumni regarding the steps of to-do’s when they see a girl or a woman getting harassed and they can bring more people together in the movement so that no women has to suffer in the future in any way. We thank everyone who supported and joined us in the March and hope that our new campaign #RespectAndProtect can bring a change in the society.


Girls have the power. They are the power. Cheers to Girl Power!