Jared’s Volunteer Service

Jared’s Volunteer Service

For the month of September, we had an amazing volunteer, Jared, from California. Jared is a public speaker by profession. In 3 weeks of service, he showed great enthusiasm in giving Public Speaking classes to our girls at FFLV. He also taught the girls some lessons on Personality Development. The girls learned conversational skills, the importance of communicating effectively while giving public speeches and some important techniques while communicating: – Pause, Posture, eye-contact, use of space, etc. These classes are now helping them in their day-to-day lives. While here Jared made full use of his time and also gave classes to the ex students, teachers and staff of FFLV. 

He shared his experience with us- “Well, not by any surprise -the girls stole my heart from day one.  You show up to this school with almost 1,500 4-17 year olds in navy blue uniforms, perfectly braided hair and a smile that makes anything else insignificant.  They come off shy at first but are so open, eager to learn, curious, happy and kind.   They dance, sing and pray with such beauty.

In the beginning, I was very uncertain how my volunteer services were going to play out being a man in an all girl’s school and teaching a presentations course to shy, ESL teenaged girls.  That being said, I love it and I see that I’m bringing a smile to dozens of girls every day.  The girls are very engaged and I feel so fortunate to be able to give them this gift of service that I know will help them in whatever they do.  As cliché as it is, I feel like I’m receiving so much more from these girls then I can give them.  With so much stacked against them, I’ve witnessed their strength, intelligence, humor and kindness.  It’s a daily reminder for me of how very grateful I am to all women who have made such a big impact and inspired me in so many ways.  The staff here at FFLV have been so helpful in catering to anything I need and taking care of me.  I couldn’t be more supportive of this organisation and what a life shaping experience!

About Jared:

Jared Dickinson is the Founder and President of JD Communication Strategies, based in San Francisco, California. Jared made a transition into the business communication field following job opportunities in Japan and Italy, and after over a decade of leading and managing successful operation and sales teams within the technology industry.

The goal of his company is focused around effective communication training- whether that is through Public Speaking, the Art of Productive Conflict or any of their leadership development offerings. They take groups of people and coach them extensively where participants spend a lot of time up in front of the room getting videotaped and coached.   The trainings help participants feel more confident, differentiate themselves, have more impact in their communication, while helping the business and themselves in the process.

We are very grateful to Jared for his time and dedication towards teaching the girls. We hope that you can come back again to FFLV next year.