Kaushi’s Experience at FFLV

Kaushi’s Experience at FFLV

Kaushi Silva, an experienced educator, School Inspector and School Advisor in the UK recently visited FFLV after 7 years and shared what she experienced during her visit here.

She found the atmosphere palpably different since her last visit. The structures and systems were in place in all three schools enabling a seamless working day for most students.  In all the classrooms, textbooks had been provided which would support continuity and progression in learning. Most students demonstrated a high level of confidence in their speaking skills – both in Hindi and English. They were able to talk confidently about the area of the curriculum that they were learning and, in some cases, were able to identify how the skills and knowledge learned would help them in their everyday life. They were also aware of the aims of the project and its focus on empowering girls to reach their potential.

Kaushi even interacted with a Grade 11 girl and asked her if she would recommend the school if Kaushi considered placing her child in the school and what values a child would learn there.

Supriya, the girl who spoke to Kaushi

Her response was that she would learn that she could be anyone she wanted, and achieve anything she wanted to in life. That was priceless!

The school helps the girls to identify a way forward and encourages them to achieve their best. She was very impressed with the way in which the students were able to talk about their plans for the future and what they needed to do to make them come true. One girl spoke of all the different routes to a business career whereas another spoke of her university plans and how she needed to persuade her parents to support her. Many students’ ability to respond and reflect on questions was impressive – they were thoughtful as well as polite and focussed in their responses.

Education is about action, not knowledge.