Making A Difference With Art

Making A Difference With Art

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Annette Kelly, a remarkable artist from England, who is creating a series of paintings to fundraise for FFLV. The paintings are available for sale and 100% of the proceeds will go to FFLV.


Annette Kelly is an artist gaining a great reputation for her work and generosity. She has been working with our sister charity in London, Food for All. This charity, set up by Parasuram das, is currently serving 2000 nutritious meals to London’s needy. She began by raising money for Food for All by selling spiritually themed art and crafts before volunteering herself in the kitchen to help serve the homeless & needy in Central London. Food for All’s ethos of ‘giving’ with no return, truly impressed her. She states “This experience changed my life and the way I view the world.”


Teaching and inspiring others to paint is part of Annette’s healing and spiritual developmental process. The monthly workshops she runs include watercolours, watercolour pencils, crayons and acrylics. Annette always starts each workshop with a mini meditation to get the participants relaxed and in a creative zone.


In response to this question Annette says “Creating art is a form of meditation. My heart and mind can relax and attune to the spiritual dimension. My intuition is a compass that sends out and connects to healing vibrations. Through the connection to my spiritual awareness an inner prompting occurs and I am overwhelmed with the presence of the beauty and love, my soul is nourished.”


When Annette visited Vrindavan in October 2017 , she was introduced to FFLV. She took a tour of the three schools and was absolutely inspired by the amazing work happening to support the students, all of whom are girls. “During my stay I offered to buy art materials and teach the girls how to paint using acrylics. I thoroughly enjoyed working with classes of 14 to 16-year-old girls who were delightful and an inspiration to teach. They grasped the techniques of acrylic painting and created vibrant pieces of art which they later sold for FFLV.”

Upon Annette’s return to the UK she felt further inspired and joined the UK Ambassadors team and now wishes to use her art skills to raise money. This is the message from Annette…


“I welcome art commissions of any style and theme. I enjoy drawing and painting in so many different mediums, however watercolours and acrylics are my speciality. Commissions can include portraits and copies of famous art etc. Abstract or fine detail – I’m extremely versatile!
Share your ideas and inspiration with me and I will come up with some rough visuals. This way you feel completely connected and personally involved with the process towards a final piece of art for you to treasure or to pass on as a gift to a loved one. My prices start from £250 and a price can be agreed before proceeding. 100% of this money will be paid directly to FFLV. This will be my service to the girl of Vrindavan .”


If you are interested in viewing Annette’s current collection please visit

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Remember 100% will be donated to FFLV.