NYGF Revelation

NYGF Revelation

Dark dingy classroom, no light, an occasionally working fan, worn out mats to sit on and countless kids of all ages in there. These depression holes are the classrooms of a government school in Vrindavan. I learnt this only today.

Despite being around for 8 years at FFLV, this was the first time I actually decided to go into the field and cover the NYGF 2018 outside distribution. We arrived at our first school where the kids were sitting in the walk way of an old building, on tattered mats. Is this it?, I asked my colleague, “Yes, this is their classroom!”

While the distribution was going on a boar from the nearby field entered the classroom and had to be chased away. NYGF is a happy festival, it does make the kids happy, however, the realities of where these kids come from cannot be just ignored.

The second school was no better. An open sewage flowing right outside the building and boars basking in the brine. As we entered the school, we heard a loud boom, the electric pole outside the school was on fire with sparks raining down. I was the only one looking in disbelief, to others it almost seemed like a common spectacle. I saw kids pass from under that pole like a second ago, I thought to myself.

In the school were : Kids, just like at FFLV, beautiful smiling innocent faces, excited to receive their goodies. Kids who, if given an opportunity, can go on to achieve great things in life just like the girls at FFLV. However, Kids for whom I felt deeply saddened, because due to the lack of basic facilities, they will be pushed back into the poverty even though they had their chance at education.

Every passing year at FFLV endow me with realisations that shape my life, my thoughts, my decisions. I have learnt life lessons that cannot even be expressed in words. The more time I spend here, the more I understand what made you start the school, what was driving you to do what you did and a deeper understanding of the need for it. I also understand why I am here and not anywhere else in the world.

So many times we take basic things in life for granted and complain to God for the things we do not have. I am laughing at myself right now.

I am a mother. Those innocent eyes, those little children in those noisy classrooms, they are also someone’s children, yes it saddens me that they dont have the opportunity however FFLV is my hope…and that there are 1400 girls that are not in those classrooms but are at FFLV instead. We need more students at FFLV, we have so many classrooms empty, they need it, they deserve it. We have space for about 1500 more girls who can have a completely different future.

If anyone reading this feels inspired to sponsor a girl, it is the only thing that can change their life for ever. They are desperate and you can help them! You can be their silver lining. You can take them out of their darknesses and give them a better life…$1.5 a day can give a child a life every human being deserves. You will find yourself endlessly rewarded in the long run…

Sri Radhika Dasi