Project Devi

Project DEVI

On 16th September 2009 Project DEVI (Development and Empowerment of Vrindavan Girls’ Initiative) was born. This venture is a  partnership between Food for Life Vrindavan Charity and Vivek Oberoi’s personal charity: The Yashodhara Oberoi Foundation.


The partnership was born after witnessing the extraordinary achievements of Sandipani Muni School’s female students and learning more about the challenges faced by poor girls in rural India, where empowerment of women and protection of their rights continues to be an ideal, not a reality.


The aim of Project DEVI is to assure dignified upbringing, safety and medical care, and improve the conditions in which so many Indian children live, especially the girl child that is considered the lowest of the low in the rural patriarchal society.

Project DEVI Contributions:

Vivek Oberoi has been one of the most important pillars of support that helped to bring the organization to its current standing. Vivek has worked tirelessly despite his busy schedule to convey the message of FFLV and to get support from all around the world. Be it fundraising for us, events, challenges, he has always been at the forefront.

His immense love and compassion for the kids of Vrindavan is an inspiration to us all.

With the encouragement of Vivek Overoi, the Body Shop, India sponsored 100 girls for one year at FFLV and the following year they sponsored textbooks for all the students at Sandipani Muni School (FFLV).