Rare Sanjhi Art Workshop at SMS

Rare Sanjhi Art Workshop at SMS

img_8960In a 3 days workshop at Sandipani Muni School, our girls learnt a beautiful art form called Sanjhi.

Sanjhi is a word derived from word like “Sajja, “Shringaar”, and “Sajavat” which all means decoration. This art painting is rooted in the folk culture of the Braj Region. Presently, the art of Sanjhi Painting has become rare and is practiced by only a select few and remains a living tradition only in some temples of India.

img_8957The teacher Shri Sumit Goswami , is the principal representative of these arts among the present day generation.

The training also included making Sanjhi Painting on water. The girls were stunned to know that something like that was possible. Everyone who saw the artwork was amazed at the talent of Shri Sumit Goswami and his team.

The girls loved the workshop and benefitted greatly from it. We are grateful to these talented artists who came and delivered such a wonderful workshop.