Rupa’s Costa Rica Challenge

Dear friends and supporters,
The Costa Rica Challenge is on! It will take place from 20th November to 30th November 2019 which is our yearly FFLV challenge in order to involve some of our donors and friends to help us raise funds for a particular cause.
Our desire is to build a fully equipped gymnasium for our school girls. Thanks to Ravin Ganatra and FFLV UK team, together we will be braving the jungles and rivers of Costa Rica with a nine days cross country trek.
Why are we doing this?
In rural India, it is very common for a girl not to practice any sports. Her household duties and conservative traditions prevent her from taking part in physical activities. Please kindly help us by donating, as well as forwarding this message to your family and friends as we are still far from our goal of securing funds for this cause.
Please give us a push, every little help. 🙏