Project RANI

Project R.A.N.I.

Shar Moore, renowned Motivational Keynote Speaker, Multi-International Award-Winning Mentor, Author and Founder of YMag® is now proudly and humbly supporting Project DEVI and FFLV through Project RANI - Raising Awareness for Needs in India. Rani means Indian Princess and is Shar’s middle name and that of her daughter. Through her fundraising efforts, she hopes to help more young girls in India feel like a princess.


Our children look to us for love, guidance, support and of course safety. If either of these areas are missing, their chances of living fulfilling lives are significantly reduced. To see children living in environments where their choices are all but eliminated by hunger, lack of education and the ability to make decisions that will shape their future is heart breaking. Shar says “how can I live my life in such comfort when others have so little. I can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

Who is Shar Moore?

Born in Thailand from parents of Indian descent, Sharon Rani Moore (Shar) was raised in a traditional sense abiding by the rules of her heritage including being betrothed from the tender age of 11. All this from a country Victorian property in Australia, provided a mixed and confused childhood. As soon as she was able, she broke away from her bridles to pursue a life of choice, freedom and a love of others few could argue has changed the outlook of many through her books, mentoring, courses, speaking engagements and lastly her personal development magazine YMag®.  Her gift to those in business and life.

What are Shar’s Beliefs?

Shar believes it is a basic right of all children to both expect and receive an education so as they can make their own essential choices in life. This should not be based on class, sex or at the discretion of others in any way.
It is with this thinking that she asks that we all open our hearts and minds just for a moment, to consider the benefit a donation would have on a little girl who neither has the opportunity of an education, nor the voice to appeal.
It is her mission and her goal to change the probable outcome of as many children as she possibly can through education, choice and of course love.

Project R.A.N.I.

Project R.A.N.I. (Raising Awareness for Needs in India) is aimed at supporting Project Devi (FFLV) from three difference angles:

1) Girl Education: Giving more girls an opportunity to attend school. This is aimed at preventing child marriage by keeping the young girls in school until the age of 18.
A girl can be sponsored at 60 AUD per month. Out of 60, 53 AUD is used towards their education, uniform, meals, skill development, medical care etc.
The remaining 7 AUD is held per month in a special fund until the girl is 18 years old. After which she will get the funds and be able to choose how she would like to spend it.
Education is proven to pave a pathway to employment, enabling the girls to end the cycle of poverty. The school has an infrastructure to accomodate 3000 girls but are only able to support 1500 girls due to lack of sponsors. Hundreds of girls are on the waiting list, waiting to be admitted.

Funding Goal: 40000 AUD

2) Transport to school: Buying a bus to bring over a hundred girls to school each day, ensuring their safety and making sure no girls is left behind from the remote areas.
Transportation is one of the most important aspects of our FFLV project. It has been seen that when a girl from remote parts of Vrindavan is provided transport to school, she is more likely to be regular, feel safe, and very less likely to drop out due to security reasons. Bus is very powerful tool to ensure that girls attend school and feel secure at the same time.

Funding Goal: 40000 AUD

3) Safe & Hygienic Food: Renovating the existing kitchen facility to make it more hygienic and ventilated. This will ensure that the meals cooked 1500 girls is made in a cleaner, rat proof environment.
The project is renovation of the existing FFLV kitchen to make it more hygienic and modern. This would involve complete coverage, repair and painting of walls and windows, Floor repair, a powerful exhaust system for the cooking area, an efficient cooler system and making it rat proof etc.

Funding Goal 20000 AUD

The total funding goal for this project is 100000 AUD which will cover all the three above mentioned sub projects at FFLV. To support click below!

How can you help?


To make a difference, join me and make your pledge and change the outlook of a young girl today.

Support our fundraising goal of AU$100,000 !

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