#SheMustCount Event Raises $75000 for Girl Education at FFLV

#SheMustCount Event Raises $75000 for Girl Education at FFLV

The Event Night

Our recent LA event to launch the #shemustcount series of short films proved to be an incredible success for many reasons. After months of preparation, weeks of filming in India, a great deal of editing and campaigning and support from people all around the world, the event took place in a prominent West Hollywood venue. The evening was attended by a plethora of new and old supporters of FFLV, all of who were delighted with the great food, drinks and relaxed atmosphere. Hosted by Marie Avgeropoulos, 2 of the 6 short films by Without Exception Films were premiered, allowing everyone to gain an insight into the lives and struggles of girls getting an education in rural India, and the threats such as child marriage faced by many of them.

From Left to Right, Charlotte Lubert, Andy Garcia, Marie Avgeropoulos, Rupa Raghunath, Daniel Lubert

During the evening guests were treated to an exhibition of beautiful limited canvas prints by Ineke Zondag, from her collection of photographs of life and children in Vrindavan during years of visits to the area. Ineke has spent many hours documenting the lives of the children from the schools and the area and has allowed FFLV to use the prints to raise money to have even more girls get their place in school. (Contact here to buy one). Ineke was also in attendance at the event and had the opportunity to talk to guests about the photographs and the stories behind them.

Guests new to the organization sponsored 30 girls on the night of the event and altogether the evening raised $75,000 USD. Thank you very much to all the patrons who supported the event and guests who purchased tickets and attended and made the evening a great success.

Without Exception Films team: from left to right back: Katie Walker, Rupa Raghunath, Charlotte Lubert, Ineke Zondag,Josie Azzam, from left to right below: Matt Mc Kee, Gil Marsden, Nicholas Lazo

We would like to extend a special thank you to the Lubert Family, Charlotte and Danny Lubert who were the main pillar of support and inspiration behind the campaign. And to all our Patrons, especially The First Group, who are always looking for ways to support more and more girls at school, with special thanks to Rob Burns, Mark Tolner and Rashad Barajakly. Without your support, this would not have been possible. We thank Marie Avgeropoulos for her hard work and time to make this happen, and also thank you to the entire team of Without Exception Films, especially Gil Marsden, Nicholas Lazo and Katie Walker, who spent five weeks in Vrindavan researching and filming. Please know that all the girls here at FFLV are applauding your remarkable efforts. This will change the lives of so many girls forever.


We would like to acknowledge all our Patrons from the event including:

The First Group, Caliwater, Tri Construction Services, The Agency, Lucy Development, Retrouvé,


And to those who donated goods, services and prizes for the raffle:

Orsi PR, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, Genesis Laser and Microdermabrasion Wellness, Santo Diablo Mezcal, The Wine Merchant, Beverly Hills, Jaipur Restaurant, Universal Studios, Amy Doublet


And also thank and welcome all our new sponsors to FFLV including:

A Proud Sponsor!

Samantha Sedaka, Jon Grauman, Deborah Palacios, Mary Khouri, Polly Dyson, Bettina Terramani, Brad Schy, Michelle Schy, Walid Fattah, Jake Lingo, Laura Bilson, Lisa Walker, Jody Kessler, Kaitlyn Walker, Blake Morris, Mojgan Hashemi, Daniel Blatteis and Amelia Lingo.


Sponsorship for a girl here in Vrindavan means a good meal everyday, security from early marriage, an opportunity to get an education, a chance to get vocational training, a hope to learn, explore, and know herself. Sponsorship for a girl means a chance to live her childhood like she should – happy, carefree, and loved. 

Click here if you wish to sponsor a girl Or donate towards the campaign.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can watch the films here.