Marie Avgeropoulos

Dear Friends,

We want to share some exciting news with you. Coming up on June 15th in Los Angeles, California, we have a fabulous event for the campaign we are running to grow our community #SheMustCount where we will be screening the short films by Without Exception Films, hosted by Marie Avgeropoulos.

Marie Avgeropoulos

Marie, star of TV show “The 100” will be live at the event sharing about her experience on her recent visit to Vrindavan and you will be able to ask her questions about her trip and her involvement with the FFLV.
You can buy tickets online here!

We are also offering Patron packages so if you have a company that would like to be more involved please contact us at charlotte@withoutx.com

Marie visits FFLV

Marie Avgeropoulos

In the first week of April, FFLV was honoured by a visit from Marie Avgeropoulos, a renowned actress and one of the stars of the popular sci-fi series “The 100”. In a weeklong visit, Marie spent her time trying to understand and document the problems girls face in the underprivileged sections of society. Marie’s visit was a very moving one, to say the least, and she shared her experience with us:

“My experience in Vrindavan, India, with the FFLV girls was life-changing. I went into this project unsure of what to expect. I was quickly greeted with a very warm welcome by the amazing young girls at the FFLV schools and began an incredible journey and lasting friendships. They inspired me. They live in such a chaotic city, in complete poverty, but even with so many obstacles, they are so positive and thankful. The school program is a pathway to transform each and every one of the students into confident, healthy and brilliant young women. The schools equip them with the tools they need to become educated and therefore independent, and in the process end the cycle of child marriage and have a career. They will be able to lead a life that doesn’t include old-fashioned traditions that are, unfortunately, the fate of so many without the opportunity to attend school. Sponsorship is so important to save a girl’s life; for such a small price, it makes a huge impact. I will never forget my experience in Vrindavan, and I feel so honoured and privileged to have had this opportunity.

Marie Avgeropoulos

“I will continue to follow and support the girls and FFLV. To find out more about what happened in Vrindavan while I was there, you can follow our campaign #SheMustCount on Twitter @fflvIndia, Instagram – fflvIndia and Marie Avgeropoulos; also on Facebook – Food For Life Vrindavan. And look out for a series of short films about my visit coming out in June.

You can follow, support and share the campaign online through Facebook – Food For Life Vrindavan, Instagram – FFLV India, Twitter @fflvIndia, and always tag us with #SheMustCount

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