Shivani’s Transformation

Shivani’s Transformation

Dear Friends,

Sponsors are the lifeline behind the running of FFLV. We really appreciate their support. However, it is delightful for us to hear words of encouragement. Our long time friend and supporter Henry T Dom took time to write down his beautiful experience when he recently visited us, and here we are sharing it with you all.

“More than two years ago I met Shivani, a young and vulnerable school girl who could hardly speak a word of English. She was shy, made sporadic eye contact, with little confidence. It was obvious that she came from a troubled background where Shivani had to bear domestic responsibilities not common to girls of her age. She touched me on a deeper level which so often defy language. I decided to sponsor her education and whatever else comes with that.

In February this year I returned to the school as one of my highlights when visiting Vrndavan. It was obvious that a meeting with Shivani was going to take place. I had no expectations in fear of being disappointed. A mature, self-confident, neatly presented and self-assured young lady introduced herself as Shivani. For a moment I was left astounded. The transformation was striking. If not breathtaking. Her English had improved dramatically and she held a conversation that was reflecting her passion for education. Shivani took the deficits in her young life into positives by sheer determination and willpower. For  her the sky is the limit and studying medicine beckons.

At these Food for Life schools small miracles happen daily and I urge others to spend a very small proportion of their income on changing forever the lives of girls who come from the poorest of the poor” – Dr Henry Dom, aka Hari-dhama dasa, London.