Stay home, Stay safe!

Stay home, Stay safe!

Dear friends and supporters, there is no question regarding the fact that humanity is currently undergoing a challenging time, half of the world is on standstill while the virus rages on. And as usual the most vulnerable will be the most affected, we are all holding our breath right now, hoping and praying that the virus somehow spares India an uncontrolled outbreak. It would be devastating if something similar to what’s happening in Europe and the USA happens here.

Due to Government guidelines, we had to stop our evening meal distribution, all we are left with is to give the neediest grain supplies to take home. All schools are closed and we can most certainly say they will remain closed for months to come.

In the UK we just lost our beloved Rameshwar Das, his age could not fight the virus; he left surrounded by his family, he was an exceptional person who spent most of his life helping others. We will miss him dearly and we will post a memorial in the near future highlighting his impact on FFLV growth and achievements.

Recently we also lost Shruti Dharma Das to cancer, he was a very close friend and a well-wisher to us all. Both will be forever in our hearts and will be remembered for many years to come.

The fight is not over and there will be more casualties. But we will fight on like we have always done, we will carry on always being aware to see if someone nearby needs our help.

Dear friends, please stay safe and stay home.

Warm Regards

Rupa Raghunath Das

CEO and Founder, FFLV