Teachers Party!

tp1tp5All work and no play makes jack a dull boy ­čÖé

What a day it was. All the school teachers were dressed in beautiful attires, the stage was set and decorated and beautiful music played as everyone walked in. Everyone was so excited for the Teachers Party!

 The Party began with beautiful classical dances, followed by performances by the teachers themselves. Irrespective of what subject they taught at school, we discovered that our teachers were so talented at dance, poetry, singing etc. tp7

tp6 The performances mesmerised everyone. What followed next were games that made everyone remember their childhood. The teachers laughed their heart out as many of them participated in different games. Towards the end the gifts were distributed to everyone present and following that everyone danced in a group to their hearts content.  A big thank you to Adi Vickers and her friends who funded organising this party. All the teachers were really grateful and happy. It was a well deserved reward for the teachers who work hard around the clock to make the students better everyday.