The Tuk Tuk Challenge

The Tuk Tuk Challenge

Some pictures of the grand welcome of our TukTuk heroes!







Meet the team, or should I say OUR HEROS 🙂 . Thank you all for your support. The Challenge is Complete! See Video





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Tuktukupdate: We did it!! Our team has successfully reached Kanyakumari!! Thank you all for your support!!






Tuktukupdate: Todays Drive from Kochin to Trivandrum takes 5.20 hrs by car, so it will be about 8 hrs by Tuk Tuk. 



Tuktukupdate: Yesterday Our team successfully completed 180 Kms of Tuk Tuk Drive from Neeleshwar to Kalikut. Amongst all the currency change going on in India , getting simple things done is also a task.




14992077_1278592655536365_4453953258203584950_nTuktukupdate: Pitstop with teammate Achal, a successful dentist from UK. Achal is one of the many professionals from UK doing this challenge to raise fund for our girls.




The Adventures of Tuk Tuk Challenge!(Day 4)

rupa-pr-with-tuktukOur Tuk Tuk team had a tough day today. Rupa prabhu shared a glimpse of his adventures below:

Today is a long one 289 km from Panjim, Goa to Kundapur, Karnataka.

Starting was not so good, I was driving on my side and a car overtook us and even though there was no one coming, he cut into us too soon and the back of his car hit our front side and jolted us. It was not too hard so I managed to keep the auto rikshaw on the road. I then tried to chase the guy who obviously did not bother to stop or anything, but soon he was gone!

And guess what? after 100 kms on road, in the middle of no where, our accelerator cable broke!

I stopped one guy on scooter and he kindly called his mechanic who was about 3 kms away and agreed to come. In the meantime our back up car was nearby and came, but everything seemed to go wrong today as they had the wrong cable with them ?

After that the mechanic came and changed the cable however we lost one hour in this. But we are now back on the road!!

We will reach Gokarna and hopefully have darshan of Mahabaleshear Shiv lingam. Mahabaleshwara Deva temple is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the holy town of Gokarna.  The history of this temple img-20161110-wa0003comes from a legend related to the mighty Ravana of Ramayana. The deity here is about 1500 years old. According to the legend (Read More..)

 After the temple visit  we will still have about 150km to go!!!
Its not good at all as the rikshaw does not have lights and at night on road it is a nightmare, two days ago we had to use a torch to reach our destination and we really could not see anything!!!Please send in your good wishes so that we can keep going despite adversities. I guess this is why we call it a Challenge ?


Ranga,Ganga,Champa three of our girls in striking Before and After photos.

Food for Life Vrindavan( FFLV),  a not for profit charity, working for the empowerment and betterment of Vrindavan’s destitute women and children, are pleased to announce the launch of our 2016 TukTuk Challenge.

Fifteen working professional from all walks of life, including a dentist, filmmaker and award winning hair dresser will fly in from the UK to Mumbai this Saturday to begin two days of preparation and training for their arduous 1,800 kilometer journey from Mumbai to Kanya Kumari in a three wheel 9BHP auto-rickshaw.

Leading the press conference and flagging off will be one of India foremost contemporary actors and philanthropist, Mr. Vivek Oberoi.

Mr. Oberoi is the International Brand Ambassador for FFLV has been actively supporting the charity for the past ten years and has been instrumental in a number of initiatives that have helped change the lives of the poorest of the poor .He will be answering questions from the press regarding this unique charity challenge this Saturday 5th November .

We are honored to have your presence at the press conference – details below:

Saturday 5th November 2016, 6:00 PM, at the Sun and Sand Hotel, 39, Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

Media inquiries to:

Ravin J. Ganatra
Phone: +91 875 538 1273



Our Sandipani Muni School in Vrindavan has more than 50 girls yearly graduating and they all really want to continue higher education or University. With friends from UK we have organised a Challenge, driving a TukTuk (three wheeler) from Mumbai to Kanya Kumari, 1,250 miles ride on Indian roads. Your contribution will keep me going for those 12 days on the road. Please help our girls fulfill their dreams! Click here to contribute


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