The Value of Vocational Education

The Value of Vocational Education

About 90% of employment opportunities require vocational skills. Since rural women marry off early, they shoulder family responsibilities from a very early age, leaving them less time to develop an independent standing career. Therefore, vocational training enables women to earn an income and build crucial life skills.


This is Karishma, an ex-student of Food for Life Vrindavan. When she enrolled in 2nd grade, she was 10 years old. However, she loved learning at school. She also enrolled herself in Embroidery classes at FFLV. With constant practice, in a short period of time, she excelled in the art.


Soon Karishma was in 9th grade. And was 18 years old. Somehow, she lost interest in studies. She dropped out of school and within the next 2 years, she got married and moved out of Vrindavan to another city. Her life changed completely. A new life, with new people and new responsibilities…


But, somewhere, deep down, the memories of her school kept calling her back.  When she came to visit her old school and saw the embroidery center where she used to learn the art, she knew “This is it!” and decided to continue to attend the classes at the center whenever she will visit Vrindavan.


Karishma now visits Vrindavan often and completes various orders placed by the volunteers and guests at FFLV. Some of the products which the Embroidery center at FFLV offers are:- Yoga Bags, Hand Bags, Bead Bags, Yoga Bag Straps, Cushion covers and more.


Karishma’s training she got during her school years is now a source of income for her. Vocational training helps develop an invaluable skill for the girls that give them an extra chance at financial security and independence.