Message from our Founder
Vrindavan, December 22nd 2020

Dear friends and supporters,
Hope this finds you and your family well.

As we near the end of 2020, a year that has tested all of us, around the world, on so many levels. We look back at what we have achieved or better say, how we have survived. Virus, lockdown, financial problems, it has not been easy.

For years, our main focus was education, empowerment, and emancipation for girls and women. Even though this year has challenged all of us, we can confidently say that thanks to your continued and unwavering support, we were able to be a beacon of light and hope for countless families and are able to report something positive back to you.

Primary and secondary schools have been shut since March and are not reopening at all for the remainder of the school year. Higher classes, after months of rudimental online classes, are now allowed to be back in the classroom with reduced capacity. With schools closed, we were able to divert a good amount of the donations received for education to a very vital service; food rations. Most, if not all, of our school girls’ families, live well below the poverty line, those who had a semblance of a job lost it during the lockdown. Families had little or no way to put food on their tables for months on end. Medical assistance was also provided to many students and their families.

So we are grateful that, since April, we have been able to distribute regular monthly food rations to all the families of our 1500 plus students as well as many elderly, widows, and needy families in Vrindavan and surrounding villages. Even as I write this letter, families are queuing up at our school gate, taking home basic necessities like flour, rice, sugar, lentils, oil, spices, etc.

We had a few online campaigns and many of you responded with enthusiasm to our request for help, approximately three crores rupees, or $450,000 worth of food rations were distributed since April.

We also pioneered a new project: VILLAGE CLASSROOM. If our students can not come to us, we will go to them! We organized that our younger students, from prep to class 8, can go to an improvised classroom close to their own homes.

Under this program, Sandipani Muni School students of classes 9th and above are engaged to teach their younger SMS fellows in groups of 15 to 20 girls, while maintaining the Covid 19 social distancing, hygiene, and sanitization norms.
  • Currently, more than 800 students are benefitting from the Village Classroom project learning outreach program through classes in 20 locations.
  • FFLV society is also supporting the 70 senior SMS students conducting classes in these self-help groups with monthly financial help.
  • Each self-help group class is provided with whiteboards, books, stationery, learning props, face masks, sanitizers, snacks, drinks, etc.
We conducted many visits to the houses of your sponsored students and maintained in regular touch with them to understand their challenges in coping with the lockdown and we made sure that our girls and their families had food on the table.

While closing I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for your continued support. We know it has not been easy and we still have a tough winter ahead, but we also know that we can count on you and your generosity to continue this essential work for the neediest.

May the coming year be a source of peace and happiness for you and your family, for every smile that you have contributed to, a drop of happiness enters your heart and takes residence there.

Be well, be safe, and a warm thank you on behalf of FFLV, Sandipani Muni School, our staff members, and our girls.

Yours sincerely
Rupa Raghunath Das
FFLV Calendar 2021
This year we have made our 2021 calendar available for you to download, for you to open on your computer, phone, or print it out. There will two versions available for download through the below links.
The Calendar shows images of happy school life, one we hopefully return to soon! The images of the 2021 calendar have been made by Ineke Zondag.
Ineke is an internationally renowned sports and reportage photographer whose work has been exhibited in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.
She has been closely involved with FFLV for over a decade and has been documenting their remarkable projects through her insightful photos.
Ineke has been a board member of FFLV for many years and founded FFLV USA in 2018. Serving as President of FFLV USA, Ineke now dedicates her time to raise awareness and funds in the US for FFLV and to support the FFLV management team and office staff in India.
Christmas Creativity 
Sharing some of the beautiful Christmas drawings and crafts prepared by small kids at our Village Classroom project under the guidance of their respective teachers. Soon, students will also have the Christmas celebration in their classes, the pictures of which will be shared shortly. 
Keep sending your love and support to our little kids. 
Looking forward to your valuable feedback and suggestions.
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