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New Year Celebration at Sandipani Muni School, FFLV
FFLV School Principal
Poetry on Save Girl Child
Role Play drama
FLV Inter-college school for 9th to 12th grades has been opened as per government guidelines so that students can prepare for the upcoming educational board examinations.
On 31st December 2020, Sandipani Muni School had its first celebration in the school after it reopened following many months of lockdown amid covid-19. The students of 9th to 12th grade cherished the welcoming of the New Year 2021 with joy and happiness while still taking all the precautionary measures. Beautiful rangoli art patterns on the floor were made as a sign of generosity and good luck.
Firstly, a welcome message and wishes were delivered by our School Principal. Furthermore, students staged elegant performances: different dances, Drama play on the theme of education and Covid-19, poetry based on New Year, etc. In the sequence, all the students also enjoyed a delicious prasadam feast. Last year has been so difficult for everyone; thank you to all the FFLV supporters for your generosity and contribution even during the tough time of crisis.
New Year Gift Festival 2021
Every new year since 1998, FFLV has distributed around 5000 gift bags to the students of Sandipani Muni School, FFLV, and many poor children of Vrindavan, India. But this year, due to Covid-19, our New Year Gift Festival (NYGF) 2021 was particularly aimed at providing gift bags to children at our Village Classes.
FFLV celebrated the gift-giving in the first week of January 2021, in which we have delivered more than 800 gift bags to all the students and teachers at Village Classes in 20 locations.
What was in the Gift Bag?
Each gift pack was full of necessities: Gachak (peanuts and jaggery sweet), cookies packets, toys, salty snacks, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, hair-oil, shampoo, candies, bath-soap, chocolate, stationery, face cream, and other daily essentials items.
Thanks to all the donors who have made the generous donation. It was a blessing that even with no hope to celebrate this festival due to covid, we were still able to see some amazing smiles from all those receiving these gifts of love and care.
An Update on Village Classrooms Project
In the past two months, December and January, FFLV has established six more classes in diverse locations with a rise of almost 350 new students of FFLV and rural villages. So far, FFLV has a total set-up of 21 classes with more than 850 students, all in different locations, as we strive to make education accessible to children who couldn't attend classes due to the school shutdown. Nowadays, students are having regular academic tests conducted by teachers in consultation with FFLV to check their academic growth and knowledge. As well, students are also preparing for their final academic examinations which will be conducted soon in March.
Students in Village classes also celebrated the 72nd Republic Day of India on 26th January 2021, to honor the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect. Teachers shared the importance of this national day with the students, followed by the flag hoisting ceremony and some dance performances and patriotic songs by the children.
Congratulations to Mohini
FFLV congratulates FFLV student, Mohini Das for receiving honor from a service institution. The honor was in admiration of achieving the Top 2nd position among all the students who passed 12th-grade U.P (Uttar Pradesh) Educational Board examinations in Vrindavan.
With an ambition of becoming a software engineer, Mohini got admission to a Bachelor of Technology Computer Science course in a very reputed university in the region. We feel immensely proud and satisfied to see that our students are getting recognition not only on the school level but also on the inter-school and city level.
FFLV Calendar 2021
This year we have made our digital 2021 calendar available for you to view on your computer or phone, download or print it out. There are two versions available for download through the below links.
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