With India in the grip of a merciless second wave of COVID-19
We desperately need a second wave of support
The Covid 19 second wave is raging through India daily case count is multiplying at alarming rates and expert are warning that the worse is still to come. There was no time to recover from the first wave and now we need to brace for the second which is feared to be more deadly.

Many underprivileged families in Vrindavan are depending on our support even for such basic as food, let alone medical and covid related needs. You have all helped us through the first Covid 19 wave, for that we are extremely grateful. We desperately need you again for this difficult time ahead. Please donate now, every little help. Thanks for your generosity.
Vrindavan, India, where the increasing number of positive cases is now more than 500, and over 20 deaths have already been reported.
Vrindavan has always been an international attraction for pilgrims and tourism is the backbone of its economic activity. However the situation is completely different now, with most of the temples closed, schools again completely shut down and no tourists present. The State Government has imposed a night curfew for an indefinite period and complete lockdown for three days in a week. Residential areas with COVID-positive cases are confined as containment zones with a set of restrictions. The economy of Vrindavan is in a deep recession as many people have lost their jobs and daily wage workers are struggling to provide adequate food.
During the first wave every month, more than 7000 monthly food rations have been distributed and more than 50 families have received financial help to pay their monthly house rents.
FFLV has started to help vulnerable people during this second wave by providing safety supplies like masks, sanitizers and gloves; Medical Kits including medicines; checkups, and other necessary assistance for emergency help. We are eager to continue doing all we can during this worsening situation, but, as always, it will only be possible with the help of our generous donors.
A colony with positive cases completely locked up
We feel immensely sad to announce that recently, the mother of our student - Gayatri has been tested positive for coronavirus. She is a single mother, living separate from her husband along with her daughter. When Gayatri came to FFLV for help, FFLV came forward to support Gayatri and her mother Varsha by providing
her safety equipment - masks, gloves and sanitizers, medicines for treatment, food ration and some cash amount for fruits and other essential supplies. Currently, her mother is under complete isolation and doing better. We hope for her speedy recovery and pray that she gets well soon.
FFLV was working hard to open the school gates again in April. Our students were eagerly awaiting their final exams, results and going to see their school friends again. Unfortunately this has all been put on hold again per government orders due to the aggressive second Covid wave.
Before the school closure, students from 1st to 9th grade and 11th grade have appeared in their final examinations and have been promoted to their succeeding classes. Whereas, 10th grade and 12th-grade students are still waiting for their board examinations to be conducted as they have been postponed.
As we always remain committed to helping our students continue their studies, FFLV came forward and arranged for books distribution and study materials for the new session 2021-202. In addition to this, the online classes through zoom meet and WhatsApp groups for the students of 6th to 12th grade are also being conducted regularly. However, it is challenging as our students are facing issues including non-availability of mobile phones, poor quality of internet access, lack of availability of power, etc. We will soon arrange for alternatives that can help primary grade students to also continue their education during the second wave of COVID-19.
Mamta, Class 10th
Better than nothing, at least we are able to continue our academic syllabus without falling behind schedule through online classes. Our teachers are very approachable and always ready to help us. We are gradually adapting this new system as we did it last year also. .
Pragati, Class 10th
I am glad our school implemented the online class system. Hhopefully, we will be able to finish our studies on time and nicely. Though there are some small challenges yet, these classes are really helpful according to this covid situation.
Master Swami Joythimayananda, originally from south India, is a renowned Yoga Master and Ayurvedic Doctor residing in Italy since decades. On June 3rd he will celebrate his 80th birthday or, as he likes to say, almost 1000 moons. To make it special and memorable, he decided to organise a prasadam feast in Vrindavan on that day. He will also have a zoom party with his students inviting them to donate for FFLV.
To introduce to his followers the children of FFLV, he organised recently a zoom yoga workshop with some of our girls. A few of our students were so glad to participate to the seminar that started with a general introduction between the girls, the teacher, and FFLV coordinators. The students learned and practice different asanas and pranayams by the teachings of Swami. Overall, it was an admirable experience for the students where they got a chance to meet and receive class from such an experienced and inspirational personality through zoom meet.
All the ten students who participated in the workshop received a gift of appreciation for participating and enjoyed the delicious feast on the behalf of Swami. In the end, the students expressed their gratitude to him and hope to meet him soon one day in Vrindavan for a live class.
We are happy to announce that FFLV UK is now registered with the Fundraising Regulator UK.
The regulator ensures charities abide by a set of standards in operations, fundraising, compliance and accountability. This is a positive step for the charity and will no doubt give confidence to our donors in the UK and abroad. Congratulations to the UK Team for achieving this important landmark.
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