Celebrating Thirty Years of Service
1991 - 2021
On the occasion of FFLV’s 30th Anniversary we want to thank all the wonderful people who have suppoerted us in our aim to serve the poorest of the poor. FFLV expresses gratitude to every single donor for their generous contributions.
It has been an incredible journey for FFLV from a small food distribution program to three free schools with thousands of students. 
Various projects of FFLV have impacted thousands of lives. Currently, we are educating, feeding, providing skills, transportation and other facilities to 1500 underprivileged girls and creating a safe, friendly and healthy environment for them.
Thank You For Contributing Towards
FFLV Covid Relief Fund
With respect to our recent appeal during the Second Wave of Covid, we have managed to provide 500 Food Rations which included wheat flour, cooking oil, rice, lentils, salt, sugar, tea, masks, sanitizer bottles and antiseptic soaps.
Moreover, 130 Food Rations were distributed to workers in a Cow Shelter at Radhakund along with fodder for cows worth INR 1 Lakh.
We are very thankful to all our sponsors, donors and supporters for their generous donations towards
Because of your generosity, we have been able to aid hundreds of families.
We still receive many cries for help from needy families who are dependent on our assistance and we rely on your continuee rely on your continues support to help the community in Vrindavan through these hard times.
Vitamin D Distribution at FFLV
As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. At this time, , we are distributing vitamin D to hundreds of needy families in Vrindavan.
It will help them to boost their immunity and can also help to reduce the mortality rate in elderly people by 20%.
Although, FFLV is not a hospital nor medical facility, we are determined to help our community fight the Covid pandemic.
Many thanks to Dr. Ludwig Manfred Jacob and Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH https://drjacobs.de/de/ for sending these highly important and beneficial Vitamin D3 bottles all the way from Germany to Vrindavan, India.
doTerra Healing Hands Foundation Matching Campaign
FFLV USA founder and President Ineke Zondag was recently interviewed by Nousha Salimi for the doTerra Healing Hands campaign.
About Nousha: Nousha Salimi, based out of Los Angeles, USA. She has been a long time supporter of FFLV and wellness advocate at DoTerra, the world's leading Essential Oil Specialist. She is the driving force behind the donation matching campaign from the doTerra Healing Hands Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to empower people and communities to make a positive and sustainable change.
To donate towards the donation matching campaign from doTerra/Healing Hands Foundation, please find the below link.
Thanks To Guru Krupa Foundation
For years, Sandipani Muni School (SMS) was managing students’ data manually. With the growing numbers of students in our three schools, colleges and different universities, keeping departments up to date, communicating information between departments and doing other related jobs manually became a tedious and time consuming task.
SMS tried a few software solutions, but they failed due to lack of funding and software features. Getting financial support from Guru Krupa Foundation in June 2019 gave SMS and FFLV a chance to catch up to modern standards of school management.

With the help of Guru Krupa Foundation, Sandipani Muni School successfully implemented Fedena software, one of the leaders in School Management, and it has drastically improved management of admissions, academics, attendance and other school processes. We are thankful to Guru Krupa Foundation for their support and helping SMS to keep improving much needed educational and social services to the poorest of the poor girls of Vrindavan.
FFLV Yearly Newsletter 2021
Every year, it was an exciting project to design, print and send our FFLV Yearly Report to thousands of donors, sponsors and also and sponsors and also to provide it to visitors who came to our FFLV School in Vrindavan. But this year again, due to Covid, we are publishing the electronic version of YEARLY REPORT 2021 composed of a heartfelt yet positive message from FFLV Founder, Financial Report, Latest Updates, Projects, Events and other significant information.

The latest yearly report is available for viewing on your computer/phone or you can also print it out through the link below