Food Ration Distribution Program
Our gratitude to all our sponsors, donors and supporters for their generous donations towards COVID RELIEF FUND 2021. 
There are still many families who need our helping hand. Please stay with us as a pillar of support so that we can continue providing food assistance and other help to the destitute families in this hard time!
Facts About FFLV
From Students To Healthcare Workers
In 2018, Nayati Medicity, Mathura (Multi Super-Specialty Healthcare Hospital) joined hands with FFLV.
The Nayati Team has supported our students in their paramedical course by giving fees concessions and has also conduced various health awareness sessions and seminars at FFLV Schools.
Paramedical courses give students the opportunity and training to become a competent health care worker. So far we have had a total of 24 students studying in Nayati. We are truly glad to share that 18 of our students have completed their respective courses which opened various options for them in their career growth.
FFLV is so proud of students who have been recently placed in different hospitals at various positions.
Pooja(719), Priyanshi(815), Rinky(647) are working in the Radiology X-Ray Department at Nayati Medicity, assisting in diagnosing and treating diseases using medical imaging (radiology) procedures, X-rays, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Shalini(625) has been employed as a Lab Technician at Nayati where she assists in collecting blood samples, performing tests and organising laboratory equipment and records.
  Gayatri (392) and Vrinda (686) got placement opportunities as nurses in reputed charitable hospitals in Vrindavan taking care of patients dealing with critical illness such as cancer and covid.
 Six of our students are still completing their course and will appear in their final examinations in July. We wish the best for our students who have graduated and hope that they also find good working opportunities soon.
From Iron To Gold
An Update on FFLV Schools
Generally in July, FFLV students eagerly wait for the schools to open after summer vacations..
But unfortunately, this wait is not over as the government hasn’t allowed schools to re-open due to COVID.
Senior grade students from 5th to 12th grade have been taking online classes and have also received books for self-study. Hopefully we will soon be able to hear the cherished sound of our little girls, the ringing of school bells, lunch prasadam and prayers and  can enjoy many more
moments with our students.
Fundraising Through Plants Sale
Food for Life Vrindavan UK (FFLV) were pleased to see the efforts of Sapna and Priti of London during this summer to raise funds for our school girls in Vrindavan. Here is a short report from the organisers.
Sapna Tankaria & Priti Mehta
With Covid restricting ways of fundraising especially with indoor events, Priti and I, who love bringing new plants to life decided to do a Charity plant sale. Neither of us is particularly experienced in gardening in a big way so we have had to learn on the way.
The ethos was to grow everything from seeds and cuttings from our own gardens. We have found it so satisfying to produce new plants such as fig trees and hydrangeas from cuttings and grow shrubs from cuttings. We've had a lot of battles from weeks of extreme heat, a month of nonstop rain and an invasion of pests but we've managed to produce over 200 plants to sell and we've just had our first of a succession of plworking towardsant sales that raised £400.
We've nurtured our plants since December 2020 and hope our funds will in turn help to nurture our girls and their families in Vrindavan.